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Our Smart technology solutions manage, control and automate in-home systems and daily functions. The result is we help people regain their independence, self-reliance and at the same time provide a much-improved quality of life.         

  • A decorated war hero with Multiple Sclerosis whose dream was to regain some degree of self-reliance by controlling his TV, doors, locks, lights and make a simple phone call to his children…we helped him do that!
  • A determined young woman that’s a paraplegic and blind who wanted to control her TV and other in-home systems and be less dependent on her parents.…she’s doing it now.
  • A young man that lost parts of both arms in a tragic job accident, just regaining his ability to control TV, doors, lights, thermostat, fans in his home helped him gain independence.
  • A retired Oklahoma doctor contracted COVID, fell in his shower, and remained there for two days. We created automated “check in” system to ensure his family knew if he was okay on a daily basis.
  • Upon a father passing away, the adult children wanted to monitor and ensure the health and safety of their mother from halfway across the country without invading her privacy…they’re doing that.
  • A local hospital wanted to improve their patients stay and “familiarize” spinal cord injury patients with available supportive home technology by simulating that environment in their hospital rooms..we made this happen!