Smart Home Evening

A decade ago, the idea of controlling your home's thermostat, lights, appliances and security devices by voice command or remotely via smartphone would have seemed like futuristic science fiction. It's not anymore! Smart Home technology has evolved so rapidly what we once considered science fiction is now a reality that's becoming the standard. We've seen homeowner priorities for technology fall into three primary areas of focus: 

  • Safety and Security: The smart doorbell cams send live audio and video to your phone once visitors push the button—or even if they don't, thanks to motion detectors. Smart locks, which allow you to secure your doors remotely and give you a way to get back into your home through your smartphone when you've forgotten your keys. 

  • Utility Management: Smart home utility management brings you peace of mind - whether you're home or away - by monitoring/controlling your thermostat, appliances, lighting and irrigation system you'll be notified or alerted to what's going on with your home. In many cases ongoing utility expenses can be reduced by improved management. 

  • Quality of Life Enhancement: This phrase is used to describe the benefits of integrating specific smart technology to make our lives easier or more enjoyable. By using Personal Assistants (Alexa), smart phones combined with smart automations, daily tasks and management of in-home systems can be automated. Voice commands, monitoring of systems and devices , notification of events taking place can now be done from virtually anywhere.