Independence for people with Mobility challenges....that's our focus at Full Circle Home Technologies! We help people architect a better quality of life and extend their in-home independence utilizing innovative, personalized Smart Technology!

On-going management of in-home systems and devices.

The concept here is simple, we improve your ability to “keep up” with and manage systems in your home with minimal effort. By using voice commands and programed automations you can easily control when lights go on/off, keeping your heating/cooling set to your desired comfort level, automatically lock/unlock doors, manage sprinkling system so no more watering when it is raining, be notified when people approach your home, let you know if there’s a water leak, control your television and sound system, turn off your stove automatically if it’s on too long, know if your garage door is opened or closed and/or close it automatically if it’s been open a specific period of time, know when you arrive home these lights automatically come on.

Ambient Assisted Living

Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. However, there may come a time when the decision needs to be made between independent living and assisted living. For many there is an ideal interim step, we call this AAL (Ambient Assisted Living). For a fraction of the cost for assisted living (for a couple months) we can provide a system that allows you to stay in your home but keeps your family and/or caregivers informed on how you are doing. This is non-privacy invading technology that can measure daily activity, provide fall detection notification, notice behavior pattern changes on an ongoing basis. It can also be customized to utilize a “check in” system that’s proactive….the system contacts you and asks…are you okay?

Somewhere to go for help/answers

Full Circle Technologies is part of a group of affiliated organizations that can provide help/advice in numerous areas. A few examples would be, Elder Law, Home Modifications (assistive technology), Specialized Home Lighting, Specialized Home Technology, and even new home construction. In this group there are three CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists) by the National Home Builders Association. Our group is also connected with other providers that provide services to aging Americans.